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Leadership and the Integrated Leadership System (ILS)

Leadership is an exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding journey for those with the vision and courage to take it. It is a journey that starts within, and over time, sees us developing the capability to deliver the attributes referred to in many quotations:

Where there is no vision, the people will perish

— Proverbs 29:18

We must become the change we want to see

— Mahatma Gandhi

When the best leaders work is done the people say “We did it ourselves!”

— Lao-tsu

FBL is committed to supporting leaders within the business who are willing to get out the polishing cloth and get on with the job. Building great leadership ability is a never ending cycle of action, reflection and learning that is a great privilege, and the opportunity to unlock the very best we have to give this world.

The FBL Integrated Leadership System (ILS) has been developed to assist the leadership teams, and those who aspire to moving into leaderships roles, to identify and develop the competencies the they need to become high level performers in these roles.

The system acknowledges that leaders require a mix of technical, management and leadership expertise. The balance of these elements will depend on the actual role being performed. Frontline leaders close to the day-to-day operational action will need higher levels of specific, current, technical competency than those involved in more strategic positions such as Business Unit Managers or the Senior Executive.

The five core leadership competencies that the ILS model is built on are:

Shapes strategic thinking

Achieves results

Cultivates productive working relationships

Exemplifies personal drive and integrity

Communicates with influence

Do you agree with these core leadership competencies?

What is your experience of leaders – the good and the not so good?


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