Flexible Business Management


Flexible Business Learning Pty Ltd (FBL) is a training company that specialises in flexible learning options for individuals and organisations in business management and training.

FBL was established with the aim of providing superior, flexible and innovative learning solutions for those who are looking for a comprehensive learning experience.

Our philosophy is that all learning should be based on real outcomes. We work closely with all of our clients to determine their organisational objectives and individual goals before recommending or developing learning experiences to deliver the results they require.

For individual students, these needs could include an identified gap in skills or knowledge or the opportunity for further advancement in their field.

For employers, their business needs are critical to identifying the learning needs of their employees. FBL can assist organisations to reach their true potential by providing learning experiences that contribute to the following business outcomes:

  • Improved profitability
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Sustained behavioural change

In order to meet their business needs FBL offers short courses that can be customised to meet the particular requirements of organisations.

See our training options or our short courses for more information on our public and customised training options.

With the support of our business partner, Aha eStudio, we can also work closely with our business clients to design specific courses tailored to their individual requirements, with course materials specific to their business.

We specialise in the design of online learning materials, induction programs and procedural presentations to meet organisational learning requirements.

We are able to design online course materials for business to meet their particular learning needs, or we can take their classroom or print-based materials and convert them into interactive e-learning content.

See our learning design solutions for more information on our learning design.