Flexible Business Management

Our Policies

Flexible Business Learning (FBL) is committed to providing a high quality service to all of our clients. We are dedicated to supporting the contemporary training needs of industry and the individual needs of our students.

In order to ensure the consistent delivery of quality training and assessment services we will:

  • Develop, authorise, implement and review a system of policies, procedures and processes that adhere to the requirements of the VET Quality Framework and relevant operational and legislative requirements.
  • Ensure that system documentation is readily available to relevant employees, clients and stakeholders and is consistently implemented across FBL operations.
  • Systematically manage, monitor and improve our work practices and system documentation to meet our clients’ and employees’ needs.
  • Encourage and gather, analyse and act on regular feedback from employees, clients and stakeholders to support the continuous improvement of training, assessment and management practices and resources, and to ensure the needs of our clients are satisfied.

Please find below a copy of our Student Handbook for more information on what you can expect when participating in learning and assessment opportunities with us. If you would like a copy of any of the policies and/or procedures outlined in the handbook please contact our office.

FBL Terms and Conditions

FBL Student Handbook

FBL Employer Funded Training Form