Flexible Business Management


FBL is committed to supporting leaders within the business who are willing to get out the polishing cloth and get on with the job.  Building great leadership ability is a never ending cycle of action, reflection and learning that is a great privilege and the opportunity to unlock the very best we have to give this world.

The FBL Integrated Leadership System (ILS) has been develop to assist the leadership teams, and those who aspire to moving into leadership roles, to identify and develop the competencies that they need to become high level performers in these roles.

The system acknowledges that leaders require a mix of technical, management and leadership expertise.  The balance of these elements will depend on the actual role being performed.  Frontline leaders close to the day-today operational action will need high levels of specific, current, technical competency than those involved in more strategic positions such as Business Unit Managers or the Senior Executive.  If you would like more information on the Integrated Leadership System click here to download the brochure or contact us via phone or email.

The courses created by Flexible Business Learning (FBL) have been developed to seamlessly fit the organisational goals of our clients and follow the FBL Integrated Leadership System.  We offer a range of short courses, Nationally Accredited short courses and qualifications across a wide range of subject areas that have been developed with business requirements in mind.

Our solutions are focused on the symptoms that organisations may be experiencing, with a focus on ensuring a flexible delivery mode to meet the differing learning requirements of our participants.

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