Flexible Business Management

Our short courses

Healthy Communication Level 1

Whether you are a team member or leader, you need to be able to communicate effectively in order to be able to complete your work to the standards expected of you. Communication is the glue that holds people and processes together. Done well, everyone understands their role, where they are up to, and what to […]

Leading Communication Level 2

This program builds on the core knowledge and skills established in the Level 1 Communications program and provides in-depth development opportunities for those who need to be able to plan and deliver more sophisticated messages to a range of audiences, both inside and outside the organisation. The ability to create meaningful messages through stories and […]

Healthy Negotiations

The ability to be able to efficiently and effectively manage negotiations is key to the success of positive and fruitful employee relationships. It can avoid resentment and frustration and redirect negative behaviour into positive results. This short course discusses the concept of negotiation and its role within the workplace, reviewing the role of each stakeholder […]

Leading Negotiations

This program builds on the core knowledge and skills established in the Healthy Negotiations (Level 1) program and provides in-depth opportunities for those who need to step up to a lead role in negotiations. This course is particularly helpful for those organisations that need to resolve more complex and/or high-risk challenges. Commons stages of negotiation […]

Great Coaches Get Great Results

An important aspect of being a successful manager is the ability to effectively coach each member of your team. This program assists participants to understand the importance of coaching and its connection to increased productivity and provides the tools required to become a high performing manager coach. It has been established that real improvements in […]

From Conflict to Solution

All workplaces experience issues of conflict such as missed deadlines, finger pointing, avoidance, verbal abuse and disengaged staff members. This program will introduce you to the core concepts and skills required to convert day-to-day conflict situations into positive outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the nature and stages of conflict and how to […]