Flexible Business Management


Flexible Business Learning (FBL) was created to fill a need in the marketplace for promotional and training material that is specific to an organisation’s needs and that can be delivered and conveyed in a truly flexible manner in keeping with the daily operations of that organisation.

We see your organisation as a growing, changing entity that requires nurturing to maintain its success. When you see that your organisation is not succeeding the way it should, your organisation is in pain. We can assess the symptoms that are causing this organisational pain and our learning and promotional solutions are created specific to your organisation’s goals, client and the individual needs.

The cure is always going to be different for each business and participant so we are able to provide the core subject or promotional matter in a dynamic and responsible environment, which we like to call learning by discovery.

FBL is a production house for developing promotional material, e-learning material, behavioral training and interactive videos with a difference.

We believe that for material to be utilized it must be engaging and interactive.

We want the online experience for our clients to have a WOW factor, that assists with its use and retention of the breadth of important information it contains.

The best way to do this, in our view is to create a digital story – any information that you would like to impart via the digital world we can assist you in creating an empowering and vibrant story.

We provide the following services:

  • Promotional Material
  • Learning Design
  • E Learning Development
  • Training Options